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About ZIAG

Since it's foundation, ZIAG has become a major supporter of businesses across the world facilitating trade across boarders.


Live Events

ZIAG works with companies worldwide to produce unforgettable events and experiences. We provide a range of expertise, such as local know-how and representation, cross border sales, tax and VAT solutions, procurement, performers, and more.

International Trade
and Technology

ZIAG has more than a decade of experience in facilitating transfer of technology and know-how across borders. This includes the export of hardware, development of software solutions, and training and education.

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In China, ZIAG is known under the name basicsystem. ZIAG works with local partners to combine local know-how with international expertise. At over 20 vocational schools in China, ZIAG is present with basicsystem and educates thousands of students every year.

In Germany, ZIAG works with a range of partners, facilitated by its exclusive relationship with Bregler & Simke Dental GmbH. Working with a well-known and experienced partner, ZIAG gains access to the most advanced technologies and most demanded experts. Having experienced practitioners on its side, ZIAG can remain relevant in an ever-changing industry.


Dr. Claus Bregler has been working with ZIAG since is foundation and became CEO in 2007. Having more than 40 years experience in the dental industry, he is a renowned industry expert, working with leading technology companies across the world.

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Company information

Nikolaus-Faessler-Str. 4
77656 Offenburg
Registered at:
District court Freiburg HRB 703491
Represented by:
Dr. Claus Bregler
Representing the supervisory board:
David Bregler